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Pyle Media Center: Research

Getting Started

     Any research project begins with a question. What do you want to know? What to you want or need to learn about? Rarely, do those questions have a definite, yes/no answer. That is what makes research both interesting and difficult.

     Once you've defined your question, begin gathering appropriate sources. Our online resources, which include both historical and current event databases as well as encyclopedias and other sources, are a good place to start. You can also use open web sources, but remember to make sure to evaluate those sources. We use NoodleTools to both create source lists and to create and organize notes.

     Once you've gathered all the information you need for whatever project you're working on, most people know that you need to cite sources of information, but understand that you also need to have the right to use any images or videos you're incorporating into a presentation and then also cite those sources. For more information, learn about copyright and Creative Commons.

What is a credible source?




You will need your school Google login information. The above link will take you to the Google login screen and then redirect you into your NoodleTools account when you login. You can also access NoodleTools using the icon in the "waffle" menu of your Drive. If you need help, see your teacher or the media center staff.


Can I use that?

Everything on the internet and social media is owned by someone. Just because it's online doesn't mean you have the right to use it!  What is Copyright?

Even if you have the right use something, you still need to give attribution (credit to the creator) for images, videos, and other things that you choose to use for yourself.

If you're interested in learning more about intellectual property and copyright law, you can find that here.

Searching Google

Search Google Like a Pro

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing